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The origins of Valentine’s Day, one of the most romantic days of the year, are surrounded by many different stories and legends and date back to the Roman Empire. According to the known story; St. Valentine was arrested and executed for disobeying Claudius’ orders and helping young couples marry secretly. It is said that during his time in prison, St. Valentine fell in love with the guard’s blind daughter and wrote loving letters to her. St. Valentine, who wrote and signed a last letter before his execution, used the phrase “Your Valentine”. This romantic farewell with the world’s first Valentine card has over time been accepted as one of the origins of Valentine’s Day. This is where the origin of people sending cards to each other on Valentine’s Day comes from.

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with romantic gestures, gift exchanges and special gatherings. When it comes to gifts, I am one of those who think that the best gift that can be given or received is jewelry…

Not only beautiful but also carrying deep meaning; I chose my favorites from elegant jewelery with stories dedicated to love, affection and being together.

Tiffany Lock

The “Tiffany Lock” collection celebrates a legacy rooted in Tiffany & Co.’s long history. In the 1870s, Tiffany & Co. He started producing padlocks to protect private information in books or for dog collars. The mid-1990s “Heart and Key” necklace was a heart-shaped padlock made of silver and presented with a gold key along with a gold keyhole.

With its collection, Tiffany Lock aims to celebrate the locked, connected and unbreakable bonds between people. Representing the locking of eyes, hands and most importantly love, this collection touches people’s hearts with a strong and emotional message. Each design serves as a symbol that protects and preserves love, like a locked lid.

Love Collection

The Cartier Love series is a collection that symbolizes love around the world with its iconic design and deep meaning. This collection, created at that time by Cartier’s chief designer Aldo Cipullo, was designed as a symbol representing the infinity of love. These designs, each consisting of a thick gold bracelet decorated with a fine screw detail, also have a locked cover system. While this lock system symbolizes the strong bonds and eternity of love; It represents that your bond with the person you hang out with will last forever.

Cable Heart

David Yurman’s “Cable Heart” collection is a jewelry line where the brand celebrates love and devotion by combining the symbolic cable pattern with the heart motif. The story of this collection is based on David and Sybil Yurman’s own love story. David and Sybil, the founders of the brand, wanted to celebrate their deep love for each other, their strong bond and the value of the time they spent together through jewellery.

Threads of Love

The name of the collection, “Threads of Love”, refers to the subtle ties of love that bring people together. While Graff aims to capture the texture and depth of love with this collection, he draws attention to subtle details by carefully designing each piece.

Happy Hearts

Chopard’s “Happy Hearts” collection combines elegant jewelry with the heart symbol, representing happiness, love and solidarity. “Happy Hearts” consists of a variety of pieces including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings adorned with interlocking hearts. These pieces reflect the infinity of love and the power of commitment.

“Happy Hearts” not only offers a beautiful product to jewelry buyers, but also uses the power of the jewelry industry to provide social good. It donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of certain products to charities, usually working in areas such as children’s education and health.

Pomellato Together

The basis of the Pomellato Together collection lies in the power and importance of being together. The collection highlights the value of shared experiences, shared memories and time spent together. Therefore, each piece is decorated with symbols that express interconnectedness and solidarity, assembled with Pomellato’s unique design and handcraftsmanship.

Animaux de Collection

Boucheron’s “Animaux” collection is a special series in which the brand combines elegant jewelry designs with animal figures inspired by nature. This collection includes different animal motifs and each tells a separate story. If you want to give your message to your lover through the meanings symbolized by animals; You can choose the animal figure that suits you.

Nara, The Doe Ring: While gazelles are generally considered symbols of elegance and gentleness; It is also common for them to be considered symbols of fertility and abundance.

Cypris, The Swan Ring: Cypris swans, the only animals that choose to be together for a lifetime to live and travel, represent perfect love. For this jewel, Boucheron took inspiration from Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake, where the swan symbolizes its elegance.

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