Street Style: Zendaya

Zendaya Coleman has starred in a hit TV show and mega-movie franchise, launched her own fashion line, and made her mark on the industry as a rising style icon. The rising star loves surprising fans with her looks ever since she became a Disney girl. She wears everything from couture dresses to athletic and epic suits with confidence.

The millennial child has made a mark among her fans with her bold style plays. He prefers to stand out rather than fit in. Zendaya’s fashion-forward street style is her means of self-expression… Whether she’s ready for a rush or a flashy night out; The actress brings a modern flair to everything she wears.

Zendaya knows how to dress for any occasion. With the help of her longtime stylist Law Roach, her solid backlog of trendy street style looks prove that she’s mastered the art of dressing from day to night.

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Welcome to the blazer tutorial. It is exactly Zendaya’s job to master a classic street style that seems very easy but is quite difficult. The point that needed inspiration in this timeless look was the touch she applied. Buttoning only one button of your shirt and adding elegant sexiness?


Anyone can wear a white fringed suit. But turning it into a moment of great style with an unexpected twist isn’t something everyone can do. Zendaya has been forward-thinking when it comes to choosing pieces that instantly add character to her outfits. An example of this is his unique blending of a minimal suit with a top consisting of golden yellow chain details…


Zendaya loves details that add personality to her look. Shaping feminine designs with masculine details is a part of the fashion vision… Combining an elegant mini dress with a pair of off-the-wall shoes creates a modern atmosphere for daily wear.


Like Zendaya pairing a feminine lace-detailed mini skirt with a thick knit sweater and booties; Don’t be afraid to try unexpected combinations. Mixing styles from different places and times creates a chic and effortless vibe.


Get inspired by Zendaya on how to play with patterns. A tiger-print monochrome look from Louis Vuitton might be one of the best styles we’ve seen in print. Brave, fearless and definitely a game changer…


From bold textures to basic designs, Zendaya can turn any blouse into a style moment. Pairing them with his indispensable jeans gives another lesson about his fresh and modern style. We definitely need to take a lesson from her for the chic yet casual date look. Because he is a master in presenting the most beautiful form of simplicity…


Zendaya knows the power of a statement oversized piece. Pairing oversized tops with leather that screams attitude and showing how to do it with the utmost elegance? A fashion game worth applauding!

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