Stylish Office Combinations Attracted Attention at Moscow Fashion Week

A creative approach to office attire was brought to the catwalk. Especially semi-transparent skirt combinations, naive office combinations and striking skirt combinations attracted attention. Long jackets and office pajama sets also stood out on the fashion scene. Moscow Fashion Week has consolidated its position as a major fashion event held in Europe’s largest capital and has reached a large global audience.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, once again became the center of attention of fashion professionals from all over the world and attracted intense attention from media platforms. Bringing together many different Russian and international brands, Moscow Fashion Week has consolidated its position as a major fashion event held in Europe’s largest capital. The event, which included more than 60 thousand participants and reached more than five million online viewers, has become an important point for fashion lovers globally.

Semi-transparent skirt combinations attracted attention at Moscow Fashion Week

In office combinations that have a certain dress code, getting inspiration from the latest fashion trends plays an important role in order to attract attention with stylish and creative ideas. Inspired by Moscow’s fashion scene, it allows creating unusual, bold and stylish office combinations.


The Office Siren trend, which has attracted attention recently, suggests that it is possible to achieve a stylish look for business meetings and underlines that the key to elegance is a semi-transparent skirt. While it is recommended to choose a long skirt to add an elegant touch to the look in the designs made by Leffers, GURVICH, IVANOVA, LACRIMOSA.BRAND, DMITRYKYDRYAVTSEV at Moscow Fashion Week, it can also be combined with maxi skirts, straight or bell skirts depending on personal preferences. Designers recommend combining a sheer skirt with a long jacket or wearing a mini skirt underneath to create a unique look. Additionally, tucking a long shirt of the same color into the skirt to emphasize transparency stands out as an option. In order to lengthen the silhouette, it is recommended to harmonize the upper and lower parts by using the same colors.

An impressive style is created with naive office combinations


More than one and contradictory trends may emerge during a season. Although eye-catching combinations come to the fore, naive business combinations are also met with interest. At Moscow Fashion Week, names such as Dear Passenger N., Anita Leskova, KARTASHOVA, ID IRINA DIDUSHENKO stood out with their naive business combinations. While attractive and cute clothes are preferred in naive combinations, these combinations are enlivened with classic pieces, flounces, voluminous white collars and ribbon details. In such combinations, softness can be added to the overall look without compromising elegance.

Striking jacket combinations take you away from the ordinary

One of the standout combinations at Moscow Fashion Week was the striking jacket combinations. These combinations have become a trend highlighted by BITTE__RUHE, Lamontee_Ell, SVETLANA SHPADYREVA, LeNeS brand. The combinations offer a solution for those who are bored of ordinary trousers or skirts combined with typical monochrome jackets, and also offer a look that complies with the workplace dress code.


Adding a striking jacket to your combination is a good way to highlight your office style. Jackets with prints, a unique cut or made from different materials offer a different option in office combinations. Embellishments such as belts, contrast stitching, eye-catching buttons, flounces, ruffles, voluminous patches and appliqués add visual change without compromising professionalism. These striking jackets not only attract attention, but also offer a style suitable for meetings.

Long jackets add a striking look to combinations

Long jacket combinations were a trend highlighted by brands such as BÜRO UNIQUE, 8point2, A.lilium, VASSA&Co and KUCHUGOVA at Moscow Fashion Week. Long jackets, which emerged as an alternative to the jacket dress trend, are now attracting attention in the fashion scene. Long jackets, which many different designers prefer to use as the focal point of the outfit, are designed as the main piece and add a unique effect with style.


A confident look can be achieved by combining long jackets with mini or micro shorts. Fashion lovers who want to make bold combinations can choose this combination without additional layers other than eye-catching pantyhose to complete the outfit. While the long jacket creates some seriousness in the overall look, the boldness of the minimal outfit choice adds a striking touch.

Office pajama sets offer comfort and elegance


To get a truly impressive look, it is necessary to choose the most comfortable cut. Stripe patterns, lack of pronounced shoulder lines and a clean silhouette, soft fabrics such as satin or stretchy cotton remind patrons that the weekend has arrived. Brands that stand out with their unique office pajama designs representing this trend include Perce-Neige, LENA KARNAUHOVA, SHCHUR, Lyubov Miloserdova, and IMSAY studio.

By bringing together many Russian and international brands, Moscow Fashion Week has consolidated its position as a major fashion event held in Europe’s largest capital. The event, which featured more than 60 thousand participants and reached an online audience of more than five million, underlines its global significance.


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