Techno-Beauty Applications from L’Oréal

Adopting the concept of “Beauty for Each of Us” by implementing both unique and comprehensive digital beauty experiences with a sustainable and inclusive perspective, Techno-Beauty leader L’Oréal Turkey not only benefits from all the possibilities of technology on the way to this goal; It brings ultra-personalized products and services to consumers by focusing on developing new technologies that meet the wishes, expectations and needs of every individual.

The techno-beauty giant, which inspires people all over the world and creates timeless beauty experiences with its products with new and state-of-the-art formulas, different applications designed with the power of artificial intelligence, and augmented beauty devices, which it has implemented with Green Science behind it, creates different and advanced beauty experiences. continues to lead the industry with.

L’Oréal Türkiye General Manager Sinem Sandıkçı Gökçen; “As a technology company whose sole business is beauty, our more than 800 digital beauty service applications under the umbrella of the Group have been experienced by more than 40 million people to date. In addition to our annual research and development investment of 1 billion euros for our scientifically focused studies on a global scale, we continue our strong path with 4,000 scientists, and we lead the sector with our annual investment of more than 1 billion euros in the technology field and over 5,900 technology and data experts. Because it is our job to design the beauty of the future with our personalized digital services, virtual applications and devices that support sustainable product design.”

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