The #1 Cause of Divorce, According to Celebrity Divorce Lawyer

Laura Wasser has represented many famous names such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Johhny Deep and Ariana Grande in divorce cases. Speaking to CNBC, lawyer Wasser says that celebrity divorces are not much different from other divorces and comments: I always say that divorce is the great equalizer. People experience the same fear and heartache regardless of whether they are famous or not.

According to Wasser, all divorces have one thing in common: “The reason people divorce is because they don’t communicate.” According to Wasser, this problem can manifest itself in different ways, such as betrayal or unhealthy habits, but the basis of the problem is still the same. That is, not being able to communicate.


According to Wasser, many couples who choose to get married do not experience painful or uneasy periods before marriage. “Because you haven’t developed communication tools when things are going well, you don’t have the ability or strength to talk or discuss them when things get bad,” Wasser said. says.

According to Wasser, this is exactly why people have to have not-so-attractive conversations before getting married. For example, should the child be sent to a private school? Issues such as caring for aging parents should be discussed before marriage. “These conversations aren’t fun, but they can save you time,” Wasser says. says.

Again, according to the famous lawyer, people’s needs may also change throughout marriage. For this reason, mutual communication skills are very important for the other person to understand what you feel. Wasser says that when this communication cannot be established, mutual anger increases and energy is wasted.

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