The Art of Layering: Louis Vuitton The Pure Perfumes Collection

The Pure Perfumes was born from a perfumer’s dream: Jacques Cavallier Belletrud expresses this dream with the words “I wanted to share the most beautiful raw materials in my palette in their purest form.” Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer achieves a true compositional success by capturing the three treasures of nature in their simplest beauty with oud, sandalwood and amber, three symbolic perfume ingredients that have traveled through ages and cultures since the beginning of time and are intertwined with human history. Three raw materials filled with magic, seduction and mystery stand out on their own through these virtuoso scents.

With The Pure Perfumes series, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pays homage to a symbolic tradition in the Middle East: layering. “This ritual fascinates me because it allows everyone to create their own scent universe and leave a scent trail that is unique to them,” says the Master Perfumer. He explains the magic of the art of layering with his expression. This style, now adopted by perfume lovers around the world, resonates deeply with the DNA of the Maison, which has offered customers the opportunity to personalize their creations since its foundation. Now, Louis Vuitton offers its customers a special gesture of absolute delicacy with The Pure Perfumes series; “uniqueness,” the ultimate expression of a scent mark.

The Pure Perfumes collection expresses the essence of three legendary perfume ingredients in highly concentrated scents. Oud, amber, sandalwood: these three spiritually charged ingredients are known for their timeless beauty and their association with the universal theme. Derived from unique extracts, these perfumes create a scent experience of rare intensity that goes to the heart of the matter. They promise a unique mark with scents of extraordinary quality and nobility.

The Pure Perfumes is presented in the iconic Louis Vuitton perfume bottle, now reworked in opaque black for this series of bottles. Intense and deep, this unique hue emphasizes the perfectly pure lines of the perfume bottle, achieved by hand polishing to remove imperfections. It is presented in the form of a bottle of rare purity resulting from the perfection in glassmaking techniques.

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