The Expected Statement Came from Kate Middleton

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton had gone quiet after she was last seen at a royal function in December. In January, Kensington Palace announced that Middleton had undergone abdominal surgery and would take a break from her official duties until April 17. Kate Middleton, who has since produced numerous theories about her whereabouts, announced in a video today that she was receiving cancer treatment.

The Princess of Wales, who was seen sitting on a sofa in the garden, announced that it was not known that she had cancer when she had abdominal surgery in January, but traces of cancer were found in post-operative tests. “This is of course a huge shock, William and I are doing our best to address and manage this privately for the sake of our family,” Middleton said. said.

The Princess of Wales said doctors have recommended she receive preventive chemotherapy and she is currently in the early stages of treatment. Saying that it took time for him to recover after the surgery, Middleton said, “It took time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis appropriately and to reassure them that I would be fine. As I told them, I am fine and I am improving my mind, body and soul every day by focusing on things that will help me heal.” “I’m getting stronger,” he said.

“Having William by my side is also a great source of comfort and reassurance. So is the love, support and kindness shown by so many of you,” said Middleton, adding that they needed some time and privacy as a family while his treatment was completed.

At the end of the video, he said, “I am thinking of everyone whose life is affected by cancer right now. Anyone who is faced with this disease, in any form, please do not lose faith and hope. You are not alone.” He concluded his words by saying.

While Middleton did not disclose the details of her cancer, Kensington Palace stated that they were confident that the princess would fully recover.

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