To Their Free and Original Brides

Always with strong and striking designs; Reflecting the unique beauty of fauna, flora and talismans into jewellery, Begüm Khan brings a whole new dimension to wedding fashion. The “Non-Bridal Bridal” collection, implemented with Begüm Kıroğlu’s pioneering and innovative approach, not only fundamentally transforms the perception of wedding dresses, but also offers an elegance that is accessible to everyone. This collection blends the eye-catching sparkle of pearls and crystals with sharp and cool lines, celebrating the unique beauty and style of not only brides but also brand enthusiasts.

Begüm Khan’s striking “Non-Bridal Bridal” collection was designed with inspiration from simplicity, purity and the excitement of new beginnings. Each piece of the collection is highlighted with a story that reflects the soul of brides who prefer designs beyond borders. While the collection brings a new perspective to the concept of wedding dresses, it allows brides and everyone who wears the collection to express their own unique styles.

This collection, based on simplicity, purity and the excitement of new beginnings, opens the doors of freedom and originality to the brides of modern times, with each piece bearing Begüm Kıroğlu’s signature. This innovative “Non-Bridal Bridal” collection makes every woman feel unique and special on her most special day, not only offering valuable designs, but also allowing them to reflect the originality of their personality and soul with jewellery.

This striking collection, which will be available for sale at Begüm Khan Nişantaşı showroom and website in the last week of February, will meet fashion lovers.

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