Trend Alert: Vanilla French

The indispensable of all times, French manicure, also known as “French”; He returned to us as “Vanilla French”, an updated version of himself.

These days, when we are enjoying the revival of trends we have known for decades, it is impossible not to get caught up in this indescribable nostalgic atmosphere. So, is it any surprise that so many nostalgia-inspired trends are making a comeback in nail art this year? Never!

Developed based on the idea that our nail polishes match every outfit we choose, French manicure shines again and again in the hands of Hollywood stars with its different versions adapted to today. The “Vanilla French” trend, in which the opaque white lines of the classic French are replaced by blurred and transparent lines, is spreading rapidly with the preference of stars in our country and around the world; Let’s examine the details of this design and its difference from the classic French.

I would love to tell you the history of French Manicure, but it seems like we need a little more time to face the fact that French Manicure is actually American…

In Classic French, on a pink, beige or transparent base; It is accompanied by a dense, sharp and distinct white nail tip. In Vanilla French, we focus on transparent skin colors that match our skin tone; We see much softer and blurrier white nail tips. Making the transition part of the nails from skin color nail polish to transparent white much less obvious; The signature point of the creamy finish of Vanilla French design…

Vanilla French, preferred by Hollywood stars such as Adele, Selena Gomez, Kyle Jenner and Jennifer Lopez; Among the preferences of the famous model Didem Soydan, who inspires our country with her style…

Promising a more gentle and elegant look compared to Classic French, Vanilla French adapts to all your looks and has a brighter and creamier finish; I know you will enjoy using it for a long time. For this reason, I leave you with a video in which I show the making process of Vanilla French.

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