Trendyol Celebrates World Non-Governmental Organizations Day with Kindness in the Basket

Trendyol, which has implemented a worldwide exemplary project for civil society-private sector cooperation by opening a special area for NGOs on the e-commerce platform with Goodness in the Basket, which it launched in 2020, has significantly contributed to the increase in support for civil society in Turkey. The physical and digital products of NGOs included in Basket Goodness reached millions of users, and thanks to the platform, a total of 200 million TL income was provided to 88 NGOs in 4 years.

Trendyol invites everyone to support civil society with Goodness in the Basket on February 27, World Non-Governmental Organizations Day. This year’s theme of World Non-Governmental Organizations Day, which has been included in the international calendar of special days under the leadership of the European Union and celebrated every year on February 27 since 2014, is “Building a Sustainable Future”. Turkey’s leading e-commerce platform Trendyol celebrates February 27 this year by drawing attention to the contributions of the Goodness in the Basket project, which it launched in 2020 with the mission of supporting civil society, towards the “sustainable future” goal.

Trendyol’s Goodness in the Basket project was implemented to open a special space for NGOs on the e-commerce platform, provide visibility and thus support them in increasing their resources. In this way, NGOs operating all over Turkey can reach more individual supporters by selling products or digital support cards according to their preferences. All of the income generated is transferred to NGOs without any deduction. The business model presented in the project provides a constant source of income for NGOs, while prioritizing Trendyol’s sustainability and inclusiveness principles. Within the scope of the project, Trendyol also provides training, technology and operation support to NGOs in the field of e-commerce.

It Uses Its Technological Competence for the Benefit of Society

Adopting the goal of closing the digital divide in all areas of life, Trendyol develops projects to contribute to society in many different areas, from education to art, from women’s participation in business life to civil society. The Basket Goodness platform, created by Trendyol with the desire to use its technological competence for the benefit of society, includes thousands of products offered for sale by NGOs. Since 2020, 88 different NGOs have sold 470 thousand products and 1.5 million digital support cards on the platform. Thus, as of February 2024, the total income obtained by NGOs participating in the Goodness in the Basket movement was 200 million TL.

Among these NGOs, there are many NGOs such as Turkish Education Foundation, Tohum Autism, Green Crescent, TOÇEV, Sosyalben, AHBAP, AKUT, Mor Çatı, which provide social benefits in a comprehensive range from gender equality to entrepreneurship.

You can visit to review the Sepette İyilik platform and support the NGOs on the platform.

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