Urban Care Supports the Dreams of Young Dancers

Urban Care, as a brand that includes all the colors of art, sports and social life, has launched the Urban Care Young Talent Platform in order to inspire its target audience and support them in realizing their dreams. Within the scope of the project, scholarship opportunities will be provided every year to support the dreams of young people in different arts, sports or similar fields.

Purpose: Equal Opportunity in Dance

Urban Care Young Talent Platform will focus on dance in its first year and will contribute to the dissemination of dance culture in Turkey. In choosing ‘dance’ as the focal point, Ekin Bernay and her team, who prepared a special dance choreography for the ‘We Are Strong With Our Bonds’ campaign, which was launched in 2023, were the source of inspiration. The labels of the Urban Care Bond Plex Repairing Care series were also renewed with dancing female figures by artist Gökçe İrten, under the influence of Urban Care Young Talent.

In cooperation with the Community Volunteers Foundation, professional and amateur dancers who apply in 3 main categories: Contemporary-Modern Dance, Ballet and Street Dance will be offered the opportunity to study abroad to build their careers in this field.

While the work continues meticulously under the coordination of the Advisory Board chaired by Art Director, Choreographer and Instructor Beyhan Murphy and the artist, dance and movement therapist Ekin Bernay, applications for the Urban Care Young Talent platform have started to be accepted.

Dancers who want to benefit from support within the scope of the program will apply via www.urbancaretalent.com. Dancers between the ages of 18-28 in the contemporary-modern and street dance categories and between the ages of 16-20 in the ballet category can apply to the platform. After the pre-selection, the final evaluation will be carried out physically. As a result of the physical eliminations, the dancers will gain the right to a dance education in Europe’s leading schools in the summer of 2024, including transportation, education, accommodation and social life.

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