What is Gupse Özay’s ‘Alkarısı’ in her movie, Maternity?

The movie called Lohusa, released on January 19, 2024, directed by Kıvanç Baruönü and starring Gupse Özay, tells the funny events that happen to a new parent during the first 40 days.

The plot of my movie Maternity is as follows: It starts with the period when a married couple named Burcu (Gupse Özay) and Onur ( Onur Gürçay) are expecting their baby. The couple is excitedly waiting for the birth of their baby. However, after birth, Burcu begins to face completely different realities due to reasons such as taking care of her baby alone, insomnia, and changing hormones. In this process, Burcu finds herself in funny events.

Who are the Actors of Maternity Movie?

  • Gupse Özay
  • Onur Gurçay
  • Hazal Türesan
  • Esra Rusan
  • Elif Nur Kirkuk
  • Cihan Albayrak
  • Alper Baytekin


A term mentioned in the movie Lohusa attracted attention: Alkarısı… So, what is alkarısı? Turkish Language Association gives the following definition for the term ‘alkarisi’: A ghost believed to haunt postpartum women and strangle them; Wednesday wife.

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According to some sources, al-wife is a mythological belief known among Turkish Tribes that spread from the Great Wall of China to the Mediterranean coast. Alkarisi; Names such as al bastı, al albıs, albis, alma, almiş are also used. Its history dates back to very ancient times.

In this mythological legend, alkarı is seen in ruined places, barns, haylofts, fountains and watersides; especially postpartum women and children; It is believed to haunt horses. In some regions, she is imagined as an old, very ugly, long-fingered, long-nailed witch, and in some regions, she is seen as beautiful.

Symptoms such as pain, delirium and high fever experienced by the postpartum woman affected by alkarı are called ‘albastı’ or ‘albasması’.

According to sources, with modern medicine explaining the ‘puerperal fever’ that can occur in women who have just given birth, the rumor of ‘alpha wife’ has diminished.

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