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The exciting eight-episode crime drama The Knot is now available on Prime Video. Prime Video’s first Turkish series, OGM Pictures’ production, is produced by Onur Güvenatam and directed by Can Ulkay.

In the story where Bergüzar Korel plays Neslihan Turan, an ambitious and idealistic reporter, Caner Cindoruk plays the role of Nejat, a successful and reliable commissioner in his job, and Serkan Altunorak plays the character of Vural, an emotional and fragile academician, as Neslihan’s husband. While taking on the role of producer of the “Tek Gerçek” program presented by İbrahim Selim Neslihan; Ece Dizdar plays the role of the television personality of the rival channel. The cast of the series includes Itır Esen as Neslihan’s assistant and Kaan Meriç Sezen as Neslihan’s son Can.

Theme of the Node Series

Neslihan Turhan; He is a talented television personality known for his character and career built on the principles of reliability and truthfulness. Neslihan, who presents the highly rated “Tek Gerçek” program, where she examines missing and murder files; He has an endless ambition to be successful and maintain this success. In his last broadcast, while challenging one of the dark names of the underworld, he said “I wouldn’t mind if it was my son!” This sentence will start the hardest test of your life. Neslihan’s life is turned upside down when her son Can is accused of killing his friend Lal at a party he attended. Learning that the rival channel will process the file in its program, Neslihan takes the file from them and decides to include it in her own program. This controversial journey of Neslihan Turhan will test her commitment to the principles of honesty and reliability. He has only one dilemma: Will he take his son on live broadcast?

Prime Video members will be able to watch the first three episodes of the eight-episode series immediately, while the remaining episodes will continue to be released weekly.

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