Zara Entered the Hair Care Field

Late last year, Zara officially entered the hair care space with two bold, golden hair products that were perfect for celebrations. However, these products called “Glitter in Gold” were just a preview. Because Zara is now strengthening its hair care basics with six products created in collaboration with world-renowned hairstylist Guido Palau. “I want to offer the Zara customer the basics. They’re like the white t-shirt and sneakers of the hair routine. These are the staples in your wardrobe that you want and need.”

Created with a hair-savvy British stylist, this hair line is called “Everyday Basics.” He has an impressive resume; This includes work on George Michael’s supermodel-filled “Freedom! ’90” music video, serving as a creative consultant at Redken, and collaborations with everything from Ralph Lauren to Alexander McQueen. But Palau also knows the Zara customer; He has been working with the Spanish fashion brand for more than two decades. So when it came to designing a range of hair products for a global brand, he knew the path of universality had to be followed.

“This hairspray won’t make your hair feel sticky. It will create mousse and volume but has a soft texture. Blow dryer spray will give your hair shine and calm flyaways, but it’s not overly heavy.” says Palau.

Not only are the products simple, but so is their packaging… Bottles designed by Baron & Baron have bright, striking colors and easy-to-understand names that will stand out on your bathroom shelves… This means you don’t have to question the purpose of a product. “We considered over-the-top names for the products, but we didn’t want it to end up complicated,” says Palau. Overall, Hair Balm, Hair Spray, Curl Activator, Blow Dry Spray, Dry Texturizing Spray, Volumizing Mousse make a perfect hair kit according to Palau. “There’s no one I can really give up on,” he says. “They work as a whole.”

Once the staples hit Zara shelves, Palau can turn her attention to more capsule collections, like the Glitter in Gold items from last year. Palau and Zara plan to release more products they call “hair makeovers” in immediate response to beauty trends. While Palau doesn’t want to give too much away about the next product line, she does hint that it will be out in a few months and will support summer hairstyles. Or are there products against heat and humidity? We’ll wait and see.

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